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Safety Day & 2nd Annual Good Vibes Boogie Headline The Start of 2006 Summer Season

Coach Course: February 3-5
AFF Pre Course: February 11-14

Atlanta Skydiving Center is off and running through 2006 with already one month under the belt. In just a month and a half, we will begin pushing into warmer weather with more daylight and more skydives.

To begin the 2006 Summer Season, Atlanta Skydiving Center will host its Safety Day on March 11. All are encouraged to attend. From no jumps to 1000's, everyone can take some time to refresh skills that help keep us all safe throughout the year. Gear maintenance, Canopy Control, and Emergency Procedures are just a few of the subjects that will be covered during this informative day. Experienced jumpers who participate will receive $15 jumps on Sunday. Bring your questions and let's talk some safety!

March 22-26, come on out and tune-up your skills at the 2nd Annual Good Vibes Boogie hosted by Team One. Team Mayhem of Tecumseh, as well as Jimmy Tranter of CK1, will help organize Atlanta Skydiving Center's first five day Boogie. That's right I said first, so Atlanta Skydiving Center will provide the food and beer on Saturday night. The Saturday evening festivities will also include a mechanical bull. Test your bull riding abilities and see if you can last 8 seconds Saturday night!

As posted up top, the drop zone will be having a Coach Course and AFF pre-course in February. You can contact Mark Kalupa (pictured right) for the Coach Course via email: Kip Lohmiller, who will organize the AFF Pre-course, can be reached through registration on his site: . Call 678-747-1014 for more details.

This year promises to be a good one. We will be offering FREE Gear Rental every Wednesday. Add that to the $15 jumps, and you have one smokin' deal.

The Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting (BCCP) will be back in full swing beginning April 13th. Founded on April 1, 2004 by Tyler Lawson, Dan McAllister, and Mike Gruwell, the BCCP gives people the opportunity to brush up on their canopy skills while having a little early morning fun.

Remember Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Atlanta Skydiving Center will be offering $119 tandems on Valentine's Day for family and friends of fun jumpers. Chuck someone you love out of a perfectly good airplane! For more information, call the drop zone.

Stay tuned, the 2006 calendar is just around the corner. Check it often as we will be adding to the calendar throughout the year.

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Friday, February 3, 2006


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
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