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Four of ASC's Swoopers Finish Top 10 Z-Hills

and Updated Good Times Boogie

We want to applaud all the Atlanta Skydiving Center swoopers who competed in round three of the FLCPA. The competition, held in Zephyrhills, FL, had eighteen competitors, and seven of them were from Atlanta Skydiving Center!

And, as you would expect, Atlanta Skydiving Center's swoopers performed spectacularly!

Just look at these results:

  • David "Junior" Ludvic took second place
  • Jesse Watson grabbed fourth
  • SunMan, Team ONE member and president, placed fifth
  • Michael Blankinship, Vice President of Team ONE, finished in eighth
  • and, rounding out ASC's top 10 were:
    • Noah Bahnson
    • Dan McAllister
    • Brian Ward

Atlanta Skydiving Center's swoopers battled windy conditions to inch closer to the CPC nationals, which will be held in August, at Mile Hi Skydiving Center. And you can bet we will be closely following them!

Atlanta Skydiving Center is very proud to have so many home team swoopers competing this season!

It's time to welcome Spring and the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting! The BCCP will begin this Thursday, April 13th, in celebration of two years of early morning jumps. Any skill level is encouraged to attend to practice and refine their canopy skills. And, if you wish, your landing will be videoed and debriefed by Tyler Lawson, FLCPA champion.

The club will take off at 8 a.m. sharp. Call Tyler at the DZ for any questions.

If we don't see you at the BCCP meeting this Thursday, we'll see you this weekend.

As the DZ was busy in March prepping for the 2nd annual Team One Good Vibes boogie, which was a huge success, we'll catch you up on some ASC news.

Congrats to Nate Fisher and Noah Bahnson, our newest AFF instructors!

Also, props out to Ashley McDowell for receiving his tandem instructor rating.

And a big thumbs up to Jacob Miller and Tyler Willse who both finished their AFF certification. Great Job Fellas!

Be sure to join us Saturday night for a potluck dinner and sunset memorial tracking dive for our friend, Brian McGugian. His wife, Vicki, and friends will be joining us.

See you this weekend if not Thursday, at the BCCP meeting.

Atlanta Skydiving Center Boogies Through the Skies

Atlanta Skydiving Center's Team ONE "Good Vibes" Boogie was a HUGE success for many reasons!

Jimmy Tranter from CK1 in Cross Keys, was one of our special guests. He organized for skydivers at every level. Many people also received some awesome coaching from him as well. Thanks for bringing your incredible skills and your positive personality! We hope to see him back next year.

The next in line is Team "Mayhem" of Tecumseh MI. Sporto and Marshal are no strangers to Atlanta Skydiving Center or around the world, for that matter. They organized some big way head down dives for our more experienced jumpers. Many from Atlanta Skydiving Center will be traveling to Tecumseh for the Team ONE 'Invasion" Boogie on July, 14-16. Sporto organized some "hellish" ground gatherings! Thanks guys!

Jessica and Chuck O, the other Team One members, came from Mile High in Colorado to spread the Vibe.

Michael B., V.P. of Team ONE, organized a tracking camp on Friday among some other dives throughout the weekend.

Ron Stamey, Secretary of Defense of Team One, sported an infamous 3 in. blue mohawk for all to see. He was one of the many who upped his skills from some coaching with Jimmy T.

Alesha, ground photographer of Team One, got some cool pics of all the fun and helped in organizing the male and female bull riding competition. Winners were Johan Meurer, Jessica, and Rachel.

Travis G., videographer for One Sun productions, made his debut, getting some great film with the new XL2.

Sunman, President of Team ONE Skydiving, got in 40 skydives throughout the Boogie. He released the Memorial video for Jack Adams. If you would like a copy, see the gear store. He also would like to thank EVERYONE who was involved with making his dreams become a reality. The Boogie video will be ready May 1st. Don't miss out; pick up a copy.

Atlanta Skydiving Center does it, again, keeping the Good Vibes going and the skies packed with adventure!

Atlanta Skydiving Center

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
7 days per week 365 days per year.
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