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Atlanta Skydiving Center and Beautiful Ladies - What More Could You Ask For?

At Atlanta Skydiving Center, it is a normal Sunday morning. The winds are calm. The drop zone is peaceful. One might find it strange that a packer is up two hours before the first load goes, but, still, there is very little out of the ordinary.

Then they begin to show up one by one, as if called to duty by the stunning sunrise. These are not your normal Atlanta Skydiving Center staff by far. In fact, they are neither experienced skydivers nor students. They are the Thrill Planet Bikini Team, and they are at Atlanta Skydiving Center to shoot the 2007 Super Hot Thrill Planet Calendar.

Looking around the drop zone, you notice glistening girls walking up to the plane. You see them in the hangar and on the rear deck. The upstairs area of the DZ has been transformed into a changing room/make up area. Fifteen models are zipping around the premises in their provocative attire.

Even videographers like Vitaly Turbavesky find themselves at a loss for words. Vitaly says,"I was interviewing a student as one of the models walked into the building. I lost my train of thought and completely forgot what I was doing. I had to do a second take."

For twelve hours, photographers, models, make up artists, and production managers put together thousands of shots for the sizzling calendar. And, in the afternoon, a few of the more daring models got the thrill of their lives, making breathtaking skydives from 14,000 feet.

The entire shoot was a fabulous success, but that was expected since it was arranged and orchestrated by Atlanta's Suave and Sexy Dynamic Duo - Erran Yearty and Nick Claeboe! Way to go, You Wild and Crazy Guys!

Thanks to the people of Thrill Planet for stopping by for the shoot. We can't wait for next year's calendar.

Recent AFF Grads

Atlanta Skydiving Center continued its streak of graduating AFF students. For the second weekend in a row, two students graduated and are cleared to do solo skydives. Katherine Haney and Jacob Barbee were welcomed into the family this weekend.

Fantastic weather allowed the two to make multiple jumps on Sunday. And Katherine, who is from Ohio, says she will be sticking around here this summer. Make sure to introduce yourself to our newest skydivers!

Canopy Piloting News

The Pro Swooping Tour begins in Lake Wales, FL on April 28. This Year, Atlanta Skydiving Center is proud to be sending two of its own to compete for the Pro Swooping Tour championship. Chuck Owen and Tyler Lawson will compete in the full circuit. The events include two rounds each of speed, distance, zone accuracy, and freestyle, as well as team speed in which Owen and Lawson will team up to rip up the competition.

After Lake Wales, the circuit will travel to Longmont, CO in June, followed by the Hamptons, NY in July. The season will conclude in Brazil's tropical paradise: Sao Sebastio.

And let's not forget our CPC boys who will be competing May 13th in round four of the CPC Southeast Region. Competitors who compete in at least three meets in their region will be able to go to the August championships in Longmont.

As always, it was an exciting-beyond-words weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center.

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Monday, April 24, 2006


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