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ASC Sit-Straviganza!!!

Adventure Skydiving Center presents the ASC Sit-Straviganza!!!

When: Sunday October 15, 2006. 

What Time: The briefing will begin at 09:00a.m.
What: ASC’s Sit-Straviganza is a one round sitfly freestlye, anything goes, no holds barred, flip until you wanna, spinning, whoa what was that?.?., competition. All you have to do is invent a little routine for yourself and show it off for the camera. Competitors are not required to declare their moves or even to complete the moves they are planning. Just have fun in front of the camera. All competitors will be provided with an experienced videographer to record their competition round. Chuck Owen will be assembling a master panel of judges to award some prizes of little monetary value, but of GREAT spiritual value. 

Please understand that I use the term competition very loosely. This event is designed to make you think creatively about your sitflying and to practice transitions.

All competitors will be given the option to perform two practice jumps immediately following the pre-event briefing. Note that practice jumps are not required but are HIGHLY recommended…. Let’s not forget that this is all about the practice.

EVERYONE is invited to attend. All experience levels welcome. Can’t hold a stable sit yet? As long as you’re trying, you’re in!

Our Newest AFF Grads

Congratulations to the newest AFF Graduates of ASC. Robert Baird, Joseph Claburn, and Michael James graduated over the last week at ASC. Robert and Joseph completed multiple jumps Monday, while taking advantage of the beautiful Columbus Day weather. A few other students are on their way to finishing AFF in the next two weeks. With all the graduates and their beer, it should make for a great Octoberfest here at ASC.

Welcome Back

A few of the ASC family are back in town this week. Lance Frazier has returned from his adventures in Ireland. He will be out at the Drop Zone this weekend.

Along with Lance, Jessica Edgeington and Chuck Owen have returned home from Longmont, CO. Chuck will be working on A-license, Free Fly, and Canopy Coaching at the drop zone. Stay tuned. We will have a website for the school soon!

Accuracy Meet

The Joseph V. Silvia Accuracy Meet was completed this weekend at ASC. Jumpers competed in three rounds of amateur or open accuracy. Medals were given for 1st through 3rd places in both categories. Sandy Harris won the amateur event. She was followed by Joe Silvia, in second place, and Jeff Chaffin, in third. The Open event was won by Todd Pittman. Tandem instructor, Mike Stone, took second place and was followed by late entry, Mark Kalupa. Congratulations to all of the participants. A special congratulation to Wayne McComb who won the coveted SkyVibe award. The award recognizes those skydivers who truly show a friendly and upbeat attitude every time that they are at the drop zone.

TLR Open Demonstration Jump

ASC contributed skydivers to the The Lucky Ranch Open yesterday. Eleven skydivers landed at Meadow Valley Golf Course to begin the tournament held in Cedartown, GA. The Lucky Ranch Open is a fund raiser for the Luck Ranch animal shelter. Their mission: Inspired by need, we dedicate ourselves to the care and nurturing of injured, forgotten and abused animals. In that spirit, we actively promote spay/neuter in order to stop the epidemic of unwanted animals. And finally, we devote energy to the education of tomorrow's pet owners - the children - with school programs and positive  role models regarding humane treatment of animals. Thanks again to Meadow Valley and The Lucky Ranch for letting us be a part of your annual event.

Have you seen the NEW Millennium? It is coming soon.

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Monday, January 8, 2007


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