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"Free" Fall Festival November 17-19

Come out and enjoy all the excitement as Team ONE hosts the Free Fall Festival Boogie at ASC this weekend. Why do we call it the “Free” Fall Festival? Unlike many other boogies, this boogie will have no registration. ASC will be providing the plane, the food, the DJ, the beer, and a couple of other surprises. Team ONE will be providing the entertainment with awesome skydives meant to challenge the novice as well as the seasoned pro. They will also be bringing out the Green Screen to make each and every person at the DZ look like the stars that each of you are.

Michael B. of Team ONE will be hosting a tracking competition that weekend as well. The competition will be composed of two trackers choreographing a routine in which they remain as close as they can to each other throughout the routine. Judging will include the exit, proximity between jumpers, as well as their innovative routine. Come out and take your shot at TRACK ATTACK. Great prizes and as always great fun are to be had by all in this soon to be colossal event.

This part is for the guys. Sorry ladies. Every good boogie needs some eye candy. Thrill Planet is bringing it with The Thrill Planet Bikini Team. That's right. Back by popular demand, the ladies of Thrill Planet will be out doing another photo shoot on Saturday. If you can not make this boogie, I am deeply sorry. It is sure to be the wildest and craziest party of this year.


Saturday, though marred by bad weather, witnessed an overwhelming turnout for the premier of the Bellet highlight reel. True to its theme the Bellet reel was an effective pairing of slow and fast motion belly skydiving with classical music ambiance. Chuck Owen presented award certificates to the top three finishing teams and one set of special creativity awards.

The creativity awards went to team Cluster F*ck, Jack Wallis, Annette McClave for their Sex themed dive.
1st Place: Team Excitement  (Joe Silvia, Ryan Walker)
2nd Place: (A_O) Except the A is a triangle.  (Kenny Pugh, Justin Silvia)
3rd Place: Bad Ass Ballet Beotches  (Kelsey Brennan, Kate Hoffstettar)
 It should be noted that the Bad Ass Ballet Beotches may have done much better had Kenny Pugh not ruined their video.

Thanks to everyone who participated for making this an event to beat. And thank you from Chuck Owen. And SORRY to Team Hemp Salad for not mentioning them in the line up of teams last week.... SORRY guys!!!!

Pumpkin Chunkin

November 12th marked the 10th year of Pumpkin Chunkin. What an anniversary it was. Over 37 competitors launched pumpkins at a target 500 feet below them. As this was my first year to judge the competition, I get honestly say that it blew my mind to be so close to the action. The closest pumpkin to the target was Aaron Andersen. Aaron won over $190 for blissful toss within 3.5 yards of the target. Closest to another human being was Gabriel, who put his pumpkin directly between two of skydiving spectators. He measurement between the two was 2.5 feet. At the end of the day, human causalities zero; pumpkin causalities 37.



Christmas Party and Film Festival December 9th



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Monday, January 8, 2007


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