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Christmas Party!

Once again, we have sped through another year. The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it holiday festivities. ASC proudly announces that our 2006 Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 9th at sunset. The Christmas Party is a tradition at ASC. This year we have added a few extras to that tradition.


This year’s Christmas Party will have a dress code for those who wish to participate. We will be wearing only the finest of Thrift Store Formal Wear. All are encouraged to shop at their local Thrift Store for the most exquisite (some may use the words tacky or appalling) Formal Wear that they can find. Some may have to look no further than their own closet to find the most perfect outfit for the evening.

Pot Luck Dinner

The dinner for the Christmas Party will be potluck. A potluck is a dinner party in which guests bring dishes to share. ASC will provide the turkey and ham. Guests are asked to bring some side dish or dessert. We will have a list at manifest for the potluck dinner. You can also call the drop zone and let us know what you are bringing. Thanks for the help.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant is a supposedly valuable possession whose upkeep costs exceed its usefulness, and it is therefore a liability. ASC’s tradition has always included the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Those who would like to participate need only grab a gift to put in the exchange (around $20). They will then be given a number which will be drawn and called out. The participant then can either get a gift from under the tree or steal one of the earlier gifts. If a gift is stolen, the person that has the gift stolen may get another gift from under the tree. Gifts in the past have ranged from naughty, to nice; so go ahead and use a little imagination when choosing the gift that you bring.

NEW THIS YEAR! The ASC Film Festival

We are encouraging all of you people out there, who think they have what it takes to be a movie maker,  to prove it by participating in our first ever Film Festival.

The Film Festival will include all types of videos. It does not have to be skydiving related. We want to see your ideas and your vision. Be creative, be dramatic, be funny, be strange, just make sure to be in it. Remember you do not have to be a skydiver to have your film on the projector. Everyone reading this is invited to attend.

We look forward to seeing everyone out for the 2006 Christmas Party. Don’t forget that we will be jumping all day before the party. Come out and participate in all the fun that we are having at ASC. See you there!


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Monday, January 8, 2007


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