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A Look Back at 2006 at ASC!

We have barrelled through another year at ASC and rapidly approaching the doorstep of 2007. As we look to our future, let us not forget our last year at ASC. The year has brought us many new jumpers; many new friends. Contributing to much of this year’s success was you, the jumpers, tandem students, AFF students, and the staff, who make this drop zone the greatest drop zone in the world. Thank you all very much for everything that you did to make 2006 the best year ever. 

The mild winter kept us jumping throughout the winter of 2006. It was almost as if there was no winter down time as we rocketed to the 2nd annual Good Vibes Boogie hosted by Team One. Although the weather was not the greatest, the drop zone provided 3 planes including the PAC 750. The event brought out marquee organizers including Marshall, Sporto, and Jimmy Tranter. It also allowed us the opportunity to practice our bull riding skills with ASC providing a mechanical bull for the event. 

Jack Barnes hit a milestone by jumping in all 50 states. Jack became one of a handful of jumpers who have accomplished this finishing his quest in Alaska. Brian Ward, Joey Day, and Michael Blankinship all completed their 1000th jumps at ASC this year as well.

On the Canopy Piloting front, ASC represented yet again. The CPC Championships had five of ASC s own competing. Jessica Edgeington, Joey Day, Noah Bahnson, David Ludvik, and Vitali Tubesteakvesky competed to get the opportunity to enter the PST in 2007. Joey and Jessica will compete as advanced competitors finishing 14th and 11th respectively. Noah and Junior received their pro cards. Noah finished 8th while Junior won the championships.  Congrats to all who participated. The bar has been raised for 2007 for sure.

A New Year

Looking forward to 2007, ASC will host many more mini comps dedicated to honing skydiving skills. Sit Straviganza is only the beginning of a line up of comps encouraging jumper interaction, as well as, education. We plan on hosting four boogies this year and who knows what other suprises ASC will have in store for jumpers, students, family, and friends. We look forward to your input and encourage anyone who has ideas on how to make your skydiving experiences better to give us a call. Thank you for your support in 2006. We hope your 2007 skydives bring you the excitement that you expect from ASC,

Experienced Jumpers: Night Jumps New Years’ Eve! Call and reserve your slot today! 678-747-1014

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007


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