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12 ASC Competitors Sent To The PD Challenge in Sebastian

The swoop season for 2007 started began early with the PD/Fastrax Challenge in Sebastian, Florida. The beautiful weather Thursday through Sunday gave the 21 visitors from ASC a chance to enjoy some fun in the sun. Of the 21 person ASC crew, 12 competed in swooping competitions that began on Thursday and finished on Saturday.

Thursday, with windy conditions, the intermediate and women’s competitions allowed people to showcase skills that they had obtained throughout the week’s skills camps. Nate Fisher, Dan Richardson, Kate Hoffstetter, Jesse Watson, Aaron Andersen, Dan McAllister, and Jessica Edgeington of Team Millennium showed off their talents in the competition. Everyone had excellent competitions and showed why ASC is the Swoop Capital of the World. No other drop zone, including the host drop zone, came close to the number of swoopers ASC brought to compete.

For some, like Nate Fisher, Aaron Andersen, and Kate Hoffstetter, it was a first competition experience. Nate Fisher’s exuberance with his experience was notable. He was amazed at the knowledge and encouragement that he received throughout the competition.

An awards Ceremony was held Thursday night before the Open Competition meeting. The Women’s Competition Results were announced with the top two slots of the competition going to the ladies of ASC. Kate Hoffstetter turned in a stellar performance, placing second in the competition, while Jessica Edgeington of Team Millennium became the first Women’s Competition Champion.

Friday, began with beautiful conditions for the Beach Competition at the Sebastian Beachside Inn. Again, ASC had unequalled representation with swoop teams, Team ONE and Team Millennium, as well as, Jesse Watson.
Team ONE consists of David “Junior” Ludvik, Noah Bahnson, and, of course, Joey “Sunman” Day. Team Millennium consists of Women’s Competition Champion Jessica Edgeington, Chuck Owen, and Tyler Lawson

The competition on Friday was put on a wind hold that would last the entire day after only one round of distance had been completed. This would set up for an early first load on Saturday with the competition beginning just after 7 am. The group would go on to complete six rounds of the eight round competition before sunset would end the competition with only one round of distance not completed.

Team ONE member, Junior, took 9th place in the competition. Jessica Edgeington of Millennium and fellow team member Tyler Lawson took eleventh and twelth places respectively. Noah Bahnson took 17th place, followed by Chuck Owen in 23rd, and Team ONE president Sunman in 24th. Jesse Watson had troubles early which kept him out of the running finishing 26th. Congratulations to all those who did their first swoop competition on the Beach. I believe you guys all owe some BEER.

Team Millennium’s Website is Up!
Chuck Owen recently finished the Team Millennium Website. The site which will feature the Team and their adventures will be updated frequently with many surprises to come. Check it out at

Calendar of Events
See what fun we have in store for 2007. The Calendar of Events will be posted February 1st after Competition Schedules have been released.

Early Bird Special is Back!
For those of you that have not been at ASC that long, ASC will drop prices from sunrise until 10 am to $15 for those of you who are committed Adrenaline Junkies. Set your alarm clocks and let’s get to jumping.

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Monday, January 8, 2007


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