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Good Vibes and Good Friends Make the 2007 Good Vibes Boogie HUGE Success

The 2007 Good Vibes Boogie offered skydivers from around the country an opportunity to jump with old and new friends. The boogie brought organizers, T.J. Landgren, Sporto and Jimmy T., as well as the Team ONE crew of Sunman, Ron, Michael B., Noah Bahnson, and Junior Ludvik, to create skydives that allowed jumpers of all levels a chance to be a part of magic. The jumps included RW, hybrids, sit fly, tracking, and some beautiful head down nine to 12 ways.

Thanks to Mirage Systems, SkySystems Helmets, and Ouragan Suits for joining in the Boogie excitement.

The airport was very busy all week. There was a photo shoot that included both hot models and hot cars! It was routine to glance up and see an Aston Martin or Porsche zooming by the entrance to the drop zone.

At night, Atlanta Skydiving Center entertainer Sunman took the stage and brought the usual madness associated with the Team ONE crew. Nightly festivities included an open bar, KY Jelly Wrestling Ring, a mechanical bull, and did I mention an open bar? All who attended the 2007 Good Vibes Boogie thought that it was an amazing spectacle of fun. We can’t wait to see what next year’s has to offer. See you at the end of March/Early April for the 2008 Good Vibes Boogie!


Atlanta Skydiving Center is sending the troops back down to Florida next week for the third stop on the Southeast CPC season tour. Z-hills will host the third round which is sure to include jumpers Dan McAllister, Jesse Watson, Ryan Clough, Brian Ward, Nate Fisher, Aaron Andersen, and Tyler Lawson. McAllister and Clough are currently in the hunt for the FLCPA title with Ryan holding down fifth and Dan closely behind him in sixth. The season has seen some fantastic swooping and the last three rounds should make for a fantastic run to the finish. Stay tuned. The season is getting ready to get interesting!

GSL RW Skills Camp at Atlanta Skydiving Center April 28th

Anthony Stone, with the help of Mike Gruwell, will be organizing an RW skills camp at Atlanta Skydiving Center on April 28th. The camp will give new jumpers and veteran 4-way participants a chance to concentrate their skills for the upcoming 2007 GSL season. Atlanta Skydiving Center will be helping with the event by offering a free video slot for each 4-way group.

Don’t have a team? No problem. This event is an opportunity to meet other people interested in RW. If you have an A-license and you are ready to learn, we will see you at Atlanta Skydiving Center April 28th at 9am!



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Thursday, April 19, 2007


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