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Go BIG at Atlanta Skydiving Center!

The summer heat is bringing both new and old jumpers out to Atlanta Skydiving Center. There's nothing like a jump from 14,000 feet to help cool off and relax! Kelsey Brennan and Crystal Hudgins have stayed busy teaching new jumpers the joy of parachute packing. With $17 lift tickets on Wednesdays and free gear rental on Thursdays, both bring out a crowd during the week, and jumpers are continuing to develop and refine their flying skills with coaching from Chuck Owen, Rick Bray, and the rest of the Atlanta Skydiving Center staff.

Don't forget the Nate Gilbert Boogie!

The Nate Gilbert "Have a Good Jump" Boogie is next weekend, July 6th-8th. A $15 registration will get you $15 lift tickets all weekend! T.J. Landgren will be organizing all weekend and there will be a sunset memorial tracking dive on Saturday evening followed by a cookout dinner. Come out to Atlanta Skydiving Center to celebrate the life of a dear friend and talented skydiver!

PST Update

Jessica Edgeington, Chuck Owen, Noah Bahnson and Joey "Sunman" Day all made the trip out to Denver two weekends ago to participate in the PST Air Festival and Canopy Piloting Cup. All the Atlanta Skydiving Center competitors swooped to perfection and made the drop zone proud. Noah brought home a first place finish in the freestyle portion of the tournament, proving that hard work, countless scrapes, and hard landings pay off in the end!

Other Events and Happenings

"Fast Eddie" Grantland will be teaching water training on Friday, July 20, after the last load of jumpers. This is the perfect opportunity for experienced jumpers and recent Accelerated Freefall graduates to fulfill the requirement for their B-licenses. Those interested in attending should contact Brooklyn Benjamin at 678-747-1014.

John Daniel, Bryan Hedrick, Joe Silvia, Crystal Hudgins, and Brooklyn Benjamin are all working towards earning their coach ratings. With a coach rating, these jumpers will be able to assist with training and jump with AFF graduates and students working toward their A-licenses. Good luck, guys!

Joey "Sunman" Day, president of Team One Skydiving, hit a milestone this week making his 1,500th jump. Fellow team members and friends joined Sunman on a gorgeous sunset tracking dive Saturday evening. Congratulations, Sunman!

Happy birthday to Brian Ward, Annette McClave, Jessica Edgeington, Johan Meurer, Carl Meurer, Joel Cheek, and Clark Word!

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Monday, July 2, 2007


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
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