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Atlanta Skydiving Center Jumpers on "Good Day Atlanta" TV Show

The “Road Warrior” from the “Good Day Atlanta” morning television show broadcast live from Atlanta Skydiving Center on Tuesday morning as part of a promotion for Richard Branson’s “Rebel Billionaire” reality TV show. It was a beautiful morning of skydiving at ASC broadcast live throughout Georgia, which in turn promoted skydiving to local whuffos. Woohoo!

The broadcast event included Kenny Pugh swooping a hot air balloon at 5000 feet occupied by Chuck Owen, Anne Kohaut and Mike Gruwell. Anne and Mike jumped from the balloon shortly after Kenny’s swoop while Dan McAllister jumped from a Cessna 205. The broadcast ended with a grand finale swoop by Tyler Lawson as he swooped toward the host in the main Atlanta Skydiving Center landing area.

Chuck owes beer for his first landing in a hot air balloon, which occurred much later in a Cedartown field. Mike and Anne owe beer for their first jumps from a hot air balloon. The two of them landed in fields southwest of the landing area.

We are still working on rescheduling the day of balloon jumping for experienced jumpers. Any updates or rescheduling of the balloon jumps will be posted on the ASC Skydiver Forums. Look out for a short movie from the Good Day Atlanta jumps, Tyler put together that will be posted to this site soon.

Low clouds and wind kept jumping to a minimum on Saturday, but Lee Wood still celebrated the Marines 229th Birthday. Marines from as far away as Philadelphia showed their spirit in the house last weekend. Lee is hoping for better weather next year so an “all-Marine” jump session can take place.

Sunday was windy, but absolutely beautiful! GT Airlock was training all day and Gunnar Jeannette made his 200th jump on a tracking dive organized by Kenny Pugh. Pie is in order for Gunnar…don’t forget skydivers!!!

Jim Vance returned from his vacation in Arizona and immediately started reorganizing the store. Check out the updated setup this week. We now have Mirage beanies in stock for the winter! For those skydivers looking to get a Coach, AFF or Tandem rating, we now have Instructor Rating Manuals in stock from the United States Parachute Association as well as Skydiver Information Manuals. The 2005 SIM is packed with new info on canopy control skills.

It’s official! The Atlanta Skydiving Center Christmas Party will be held December 11th. This should definitely be a celebration to attend. During the day, a two-way RW competition will take place and of course there should be plenty of good food to eat. More info will be posted on the Skydiver Forums and upcoming weekly news updates. For more information about the two-way RW competition, see Tyler or Mike and make sure your A-License requirements have been met so you can participate. If you need to get an USPA A-License proficiency card, see manifest. We have numerous coaches available to help you complete the air and ground requirements.

Last, but not least, be sure to check out the latest photos taken by Blythe Jordan throughout ASC’s building and inside Blythe is usually out in the landing area religiously taking digital photos. If you are interested in a CD-ROM of your recent photos, a single print or a framed print, please see Blythe. Also a price list will be posted in soon. The photos are absolutely amazing!

See you all in the sky this week over Atlanta Skydiving Center! Don’t forget about $15 Lift Ticket Wednesdays every week at ASC!

Veiw Balloon Day Video



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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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