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National Skydiving League Playoffs this Weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center

Georgia Skydiving League 4-way competitors will be vying for a spot at the National Skydiving League Championship during this weekend's NSL playoffs at ASC. This is the final meet of the season for the Georgia Skydiving League as local teams are not only looking for an end-of-the-year medal from the GSL, but are preparing for the U.S. Nationals and National Skydiving League Championships.

The final GSL Meet/NSL Playoffs will begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning at Atlanta Skydiving Center. The first day will be 4 to 6 rounds of competition for the GSL standings. Sunday will be used to complete the 10-round meet and determine the final NSL Playoffs standings.

While most of the teams have competed all year with the GSL, new teams are encouraged. The minimum requirement is a USPA A License. You must have four skydivers and a cameraman. Cost for the meet per person includes a $20 GSL registration fee and $19 per jump. The camera slot for each jump is free. Come give your best shot at 4-way relative work or cheer on your favorite team! For more information, see the ASC Skydiver Forums.

ASC was busy this weekend as the CASA flew into town on Friday. Hurricane Frances stayed far enough away for three great days of CASA jumps over ASC! 8-way team Kinetic Energy and 40-way team GT Airlock were training for upcoming meets over the weekend.

Alabamians Wes and Maria were out jumping over the weekend as Maria was trying out her brand new jumpsuit. Dan Richardson was working on his freefly skills and is waiting patiently for his Sabre2 170 to arrive so he can ditch his old Hornet 190. Nick Carter made his first jumps since graduating the student AFF program last weekend...and definitely owes beer for the CASA jumps!

Vitali, Katie, Kenny, Jessica, Michael, SunMan, Tyler and Anne returned from Richmond this week with some great footage of Vitali swooping a tent and tearing his Crossfire...oops. This was manifestor Anne's one weekend off for the we're looking forward to having her back Saturday! A big thanks to Lisa, Kelly and Amanda for their stellar job behind manifest during the busy ASC Boogie weekend without Anne.

ASC's gear sales store,, is moving and expanding! There is a storefront being built inside ASC's main building next to manifest. Jim Vance has already added a display case, baskets and wall hangings. A window will be added soon and then inventory will be moved in. Jim and Mike hope to have the downstairs store front up and running by the end of the month. Anyone interested in working in the store should see Jim.

See you all for the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting Thursday morning at 8 a.m.! And the Super Twin Otter is back from Chicago...woohoo! We'll be flying it all week/weekend long.


Monday, September 13, 2004

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