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Atlanta Skydiving Weekly News

We have a new Sigma Tandem Course Director in town: Kevin Kaminski! Kevin returned last week from a two-week vacation/biz trip in Florida where he earned his Sigma tandem evaluator rating at Relative Workshop. Kevin is adding new ratings fast as he also earned his AFF rating earlier this year. Kevin joins Stewart Cavanaugh as ASC now sports two Sigma course directors. Experienced jumpers interested in becoming tandem instructors should see Kevin or Stewart for more information.

The beginning of the week was unseasonably warm and Monday was especially busy for a week day. We flew several loads out of the Polka-Dot Twin Otter this week as the ASC Scuba Twin Otter is in for regular maintenance.

Saturday was extremely chilly, but that didn't stop us from putting up 7 Twin Otter loads including a sunset tracking dive. It was great to see Lindsey Harris who visited us Saturday during her Christmas break from Auburn. She plans on packing at ASC next summer inbetween her school and traveling throughout the year. Lindsey may make a trip to Antartica next year...pretty cool!

Sunday was a touch warmer and Doug Glover brought his RW group out to make a few 4-ways and 6-ways. Beezy Shaw was in town to promote his new company, Hi Performance USA. A few of the experienced jumpers tried out the Blade and Nitro canopies. Jessica Edgeington was in town on Christmas break and was quickly back to packing...thanks Jessica! Victor Hutto was out Sunday trying to decide what canopy to buy himself for Christmas. It looks like he'll be retiring the 210 Hornet and going with a Sabre2 or Spectre...nice choice! :-)

One final note, Lee Wood spent some time working with Kerry Walker on Sunday to nail down one of his final requirements for his A License: the Hop N Pop. Lee had been having a lot of trouble with practice Hop and Pop exits at altitude. But after a bit more ground work and one practice jump on Sunday, Lee was ready to go. He made a picture perfect Hop and Pop from 4500 feet on the last load of the day! Nice job Lee! He plans on making his 25th jump next weekend, which besides packing and the quiz, is the last item needed to get his A License. Woohoo!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
View pictures of our christmas party!

By the way, ASC will be open every day this week except for Christmas Day. Come jump the Super Twin Otter!


Monday, December 22, 2003

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