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Atlanta Skydiving Center $12.50 Lift Ticket Boogie Saturday and Sunday

Experienced jumper lift tickets are just $12.50 this boogie weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center! The Super Twin Otter will be flying from 8 a.m. to sunset. RW and freefly organizers will be available all weekend. The Saturday night party will include the open bar. There is a $15 registration fee for the $12.50 boogie. Come jump all weekend long and stay in the bunkhouse!

The Friday night water training at the Cedartown Health Spa was a success as eight skydivers completed the training with the help of instructors Stewart Cavanaugh and Jim Vance. Now that the gym owner is welcoming skydivers in the pool, we plan on holding water training on a regular basis. Live water training is a requirement for the USPA B License.

Mark Kalupa and Mike Gruwell made a demonstration jump into the ring at the Rockmart Rodeo Friday at sunset. A big thanks to Johan Meurer and Shots for their help with ground crew as well as pilot Henry Schaefer for all the help with the perfect demo. The crowd loved it!

Five skydivers participated in TJ Landgren's canopy skills seminar on Saturday. Gusty winds made the seminar perfect for the TJ's group as the jumpers worked on different canopy inputs, landing directions (crosswind) and had a detailed ground school on canopy control. TJ is available for individual canopy coaching throughout the week.

Jim Vance's influence on is already evident as Gatorz sunglasses are now on sale. A demo pair of the sunglasses is available at manifest. We have 15 pairs in stock. Check them out! We have also started carrying Suunto altimeter watches due to their popularity around the DZ.

Instructor Kevin Kaminski and packer Cheryl Johnson moved to Virginia Sunday where they will be working at a small drop zone closer to family members. ASC wishes them good luck!

Charles "Woody" Woodard is now working fulltime at ASC. Woody has been a familiar face in the Georgia skydiving scene for years and has decided to settle down at ASC. Woody is a tandem instructor, AFF instructor, videographer, and coach course director as well as pretty damn good freeflier. Welcome home Woody!

Tyler Lawson has recently "cutaway" from his "real job" and will be at ASC every day. Tyler will be helping out with video as well as freefly organizing. And of course, Tyler will be leading the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting every Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

We've also added a new packer at ASC, as Chuck Staten is helping keep all of the students, instructors and fun jumpers in the air. Thanks Chuck Junior!

Jessica Newbury is our newest ASC AFF student program graduate! She completed level 7 without a glitch...and now we're waiting on the beer!

Jack Barnes returned to ASC after making jumps in North Dakota and Wisconsin last week. Jack has now jumped in 44 states. New Mexico is next on his list.

Tatyana returned from Russia this week and was back packing at ASC, while her son, Vitali, is now a videographer at ASC as well as in Pell City at Alabama Skydiving Center.

By popular demand, Chuting Star Rigging Loft has restocked on T-shirts. And similar to the ASC shirts at manifest, Chuting Star has added babydoll and spaghetti strap shirts to its T-shirt line.

Finally, Katie Hawkins passed along the following message to all of her ASC skydiving family: The last few weeks have been the most difficult time in my life. Everyone knew Nate and I would be together forever. It was obvious. He was and still is, my everything. Unfortunately, I now have to make this journey of life without him. I have been able to get through these days only because of the wonderful support you all have given me. You all have held me up when I needed you to. You have cheered me on and pushed me to keep going for my goals. The simple hugs that I get from all of you, when I walk in the door, has helped me make it through each day. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful and amazing it has been to see such a family pull together for one of their own! It's incredible! Because of all of you, my days till have hope in them. For that, thank you. Nate and I had a perfect life together and a wonderful family. I will always miss him and always shed tears for him. Life is still pretty good though, because of what you all have shown me. You are our wonderful family. Thank you! Thank you for everything.


Monday, September 13, 2004

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