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Annual Atlanta Skydiving Center Christmas Party Saturday

Another year is almost over, but not until we've had the annual Atlanta Skydiving Center Christmas Party on Saturday! The day starts off with our 2-way Belly RW competition. Numerous prizes are up for grabs and will be awarded to the top teams. The 3-round competition begins at 8 a.m. and is open to A, B and C licensed skydivers. See the ASC Skydiver Forums to register and see detailed competition information.

At sunset, the potluck dinner begins, featuring deep-fried turkeys courtesy of Adam and Katie Wheeler. A sign-up sheet for food is at manifest so we will end up with a wide selection of dishes for the dinner.
Call manifest at 678-747-1014 to let us know what you are bringing.

Finally, the White Elephant Gift Exchange begins after dinner. Everyone should bring a wrapped gift (under $20 in value). Numbers will be drawn for choosing order and the gift unwrapping, exchanging and stealing begins! It looks to be our biggest year ever as about 100 skydivers have already confirmed to be here for the party.

And don't forget this weekend is your last chance to give to the Toys for Tots program for this Christmas season. Our collection box is near manifest. Bring an unwrapped toy to make a child's Christmas that much more special! Thank you for giving.

We have a new skydiver in our midst as Michael McCave graduated the Atlanta Skydiving Center student program on Saturday. The Army Officer celebrated with the ASC crew Saturday night at the Taki Japanese Steakhouse in Hiram. Congratulations Michael! You earned it!

On Friday night, the Georgia Skydiving League held its end-of-the-year party. Atlanta Skydiving Center teams took 1st and 2nd place in both classes in the final standings. Inviscid placed first in the Open Class, followed by Kinesis and Fusion. GT Airlock placed first in the Intermediate Class with Intrepid in second and GT Fusion in third. The GSL had 10 teams participate this year and is looking for more next year!
Those interested in putting together a team should start with the 2-way competition this Saturday. More RW camps and competitions are being scheduled for ASC in January, February and March.

Our own Chuck Owen finished 8th in the Florida canopy swoop Competition this past weekend! It was Chuck's best finish ever. Way to go Chuckie One-Cheek!
Tyler Lawson finished 15th followed by SunMan in 17th place. In the 9-cell competition, Loud Dan finished 3rd. We've got quite the crew of canopy pilots at ASC. Anyone needing canopy coaching should see any of these skydivers. Those just wanting a show should keep their eyes on the ASC swoop pond!

Mirage Sales Rep. Justin Thornton was in town this past weekend working as a tandem instructor as well as dropping off the latest in Mirage wear. We are now stocked up on Mirage fleece jackets with closing pin zippers.just in time for the Georgia winter weather!

Finally, recent AFF graduate Debra Boyer decided her gear renting days were over and purchased a Mirage, Sabre2 150, Performance Designs reserve and Cypres from Woohoo! She was heading home from the weekend to practice packing her slippery, almost new, Sabre2. With practice, it will get easier. We promise!

See you all Saturday!



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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
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