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Safety Weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center includes $15 jumps, manufacturer demos

Atlanta Skydiving Center is providing safety seminars, free gear maintenance stations, manufacturer demos and $15 experienced jumper lift tickets this weekend as part of Safety Day. Drop zones around the country are focusing on safety Saturday, but Atlanta Skydiving Center has made a full weekend out of the event. Don't miss this weekend at ASC!

USPA members with a current membership card will receive $15 jumps all weekend long. Those without a current membership can have an application faxed to USPA by ASC to receive the $15 jumps.

Egon Sussman of Relative Workshop will have demo "Skyhook" rigs with three canopies for experienced jumpers wanting to test jump the Skyhook reserve static line system. A full line of Performance Designs canopies will be available to demo as PD Marketing Manager Justin Thornton will be at ASC all weekend. PD reserve canopies will be available to jump as mains for those who have never had a reserve ride. Sabre2, Spectre, Velocity and Katana mains will also be on hand in addition to ASC's everyday PD demo canopies.

Throughout the weekend, three gear-check stations will be available for all jumpers. Chuting Star Rigging Loft riggers will be available to give complete skydiving gear inspections, replace main closing loops and clean cutaway cables. And on Saturday night, ASC instructors will give a safety seminar on a variety of skydiving topics.

The "ASC Nightout" is this Thursday (March 10) at 7:30 p.m. at Taco Mac on East-West Connector. Come hang out with the ASC crew at Taco Mac!

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful! While the winds put a dent in our skydiving on Saturday, we still managed several loads in the Twin Otter before and after the strong, gusty afternoon winds. ASC 4-way team Inviscid was training for the 1st GSL meet later this month.

Sunday was "RW Skills Day" at ASC hosted by 4-way team Airlock. More than 10 jumpers took advantage of the free organizing and coaching from Airlock members.

Congratulations to our newest ASC skydiver, Robyn Wood, who graduated the student program over the weekend and is now working on her A-License! We look forward to seeing Robyn and her husband Dan jumping together soon.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Skydiving videographer and swoop competitor Tyler Lawson finished his tandem skydiving rating requirements and introduced several first-time jumpers to the sport of skydiving on Saturday and Sunday. The beer fridge is awaiting your donation Tyler!

And a big thanks to Larry Moore who recently had his new Javelin assembled by Chuting Star Rigging Loft and brought the riggers a case of Guinness after making his first jump on the new rig. You da man Larry!

See you all this weekend!


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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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