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ASC Swoop Meet and Georgia Skydiving League Results!

Clouds and rain tried to put a damper on the Memorial Day CASA Boogie at Atlanta Skydiving Center, but jumpers were still able to get in the air all four days of the extended weekend. The Super Twin Otter and CASA flew all weekend long whenever the clouds would part. It was great to see some old familiar faces as many jumpers dusted off their gear from the winter to come skydive at ASC. Welcome back!

Six teams were set to compete at the Georgia Skydiving League 4-way meet on Saturday, but sour weather postponed the meet until Sunday. In the Open Class, ASC team Kinesis finished in first place on Sunday followed by Inviscid in a close second. Congratulations to both teams for a competitive meet! Competing in its first-ever GSL meet, Fusion finished first in the A Class. The next GSL meet at ASC will be September 11-12. See you there!

Weather was no issue for the Swoop Meet hosted by Team Flatline. 13 competitors swooped in two rounds of distance and two rounds of zone accuracy on Sunday. More than $300 in prize money was awarded along with free jumps and a free reserve repack. The top three spots went to Jesse Watson, Tyler Lawson and Jim Vance, respectively. Vitali T. finished fourth, followed by Stewart Cavanaugh in fifth. And in last place, earning a free reserve repack due to a "safe meet," was Brian Ward.

In individual rounds, Tyler took first place with a 264-foot swoop in round one while Vitali had the longest distance in round two at 158 feet.

In zone accuracy, Jesse and Edvaldo Cruz tied in the first round while there was a 4-way tie in the second round between Jesse, Jim, Tyler and Edvaldo. Were looking forward to more swoop meets this year!

As a side show to how it's "really" done, pro swoopers TJ Landgren, Nate Gilbert and Kenny Pugh were demonstrating "no handers" over the pond throughout the weekend. Nice job's looking good!

Experienced jumpers took advantage of having Performance Designs rep Vladi out this weekend with a full spectrum of PD demo canopies. Many jumpers took the Katana and Sabre2 canopies out for test flights and loved them. It looks like we'll have a number of new canopies out at ASC in the near future.

The next manufacturer that will be out at ASC with a demo booth is Mirage. Check out our calendar of events for more info on the June 12-13 weekend at ASC with Mirage on site as well as $12.50 lift tickets all weekend!

And finally, a case of beer is due to Chuting Star Rigger Chuck Owen for another "save" on Saturday. Lachlan Keith deployed his reserve canopy that was packed by Chuck after cutting away his main due to line twists. Lachlan handled himself well in the air and had a soft landing in the main ASC landing area under a Tempo reserve.

Don't forget this Saturday is $17 jumps all day at ASC for experienced jumpers if you manifest before 8:30 a.m. See you bright and early on Saturday!



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June 02, 2004

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