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Atlanta Skydiving Center Skydiving News

Canopy Swoop Competition Saturday at Atlanta Skydiving Center

A canopy accuracy and distance competition for all skill levels is set for Saturday at Atlanta Skydiving Center. The four-round canopy swoop competition begins at 8:30 a.m. and is open to skydivers who have an A License or higher.

The briefing begins at 8 a.m. in ASC’s main landing area and ‘swoop’ entrants will pay $56 which includes four hop and pops as well as the entry fee. The competition will be through the “foam noodle” course in the main landing area and prizes will be awarded to the top three spots. Swoop competitor Tyler Lawson will be organizing the competition. For more information, he can be contacted at 678-747-1012. Come swoop at ASC!

The 8th Annual Punkin' Chunkin' competition will be held Saturday and Sunday over the north side of Atlanta Skydiving Center’s runway. We have more than 200 pumpkins at ASC ready to be thrown out of the Cessna 205 this weekend. The $25 entry fee includes your choice of pumpkin, the lift ticket and money toward the pot of money for the winner. This competition is open to skydivers and non-skydivers alike!

Pilot Mike Rhodes will fly the aircraft over the target at 500 feet as you chuck your pumpkin toward Mother Earth at the bull’s-eye target. Atlanta radio station 96Rock will broadcast live from the drop site on Sunday!
Come find out what skydivers do with all those leftover pumpkins from Halloween!

Low clouds and wind tried to put a damper on skydiving this past weekend, but we still managed to fly the Super Twin Otter throughout the day in-between the inclement weather, thanks to pilot Henry Schaefer.

Congratulations to Brett Lewis for graduating the student program on Sunday at Atlanta Skydiving Center! Instructor Jeff Hicks said Brett’s Level VII was picture perfect. Nice job Brett! Bring on that beer…

The weather was perfect for night jumps on Friday. Jesse Watson organized the night jump group. It was the first night jumps for Wayne McComb and Ashley McDowell. Experienced night jumpers Kerry Walker, Chuck Owen, Bryan McGuigan, Joey “SunMan” Day, Michael Blankinship and Vitaliy also enjoyed the full moon over ASC.

Experienced jumpers dressed up for the Halloween Party Saturday night and took part in the first weekend of Benny Morson running the CarboneZone restaurant. Benny’s homemade chili was the served Saturday night. All jumpers at the ASC Halloween party enjoyed the $15 lift tickets Sunday!

Chuting Star Rigging Loft registered another save over the weekend as Scott Shell cutaway from a malfunction on his recently assembled Mirage, deploying his Performance Designs reserve. Scott reported a beautiful reserve opening.

It was Scott’s first reserve ride, but not his first reserve ripcord pull as he continues to get razzed about deploying the reserve on the training rig during water training earlier this year. Chuting Star has more than 150 successful reserve deployments thanks to ASC riggers Mike Gruwell, Chuck Owen, Kenny Pugh and Adam Wheeler. Nice job guys!

Meanwhile, as the low clouds keep sister drop zone, Alabama Skydiving Center, from flying on Saturday, Chuting Star rigger Natasha Mitchell assembled a new Wings container for Pell City jumper Jeff Green.

GT Airlock was out training on Sunday under the watchful eye of coach Brian Timberlake. Brian also helped the Atlanta Skydiving Center staff by making a couple of Accelerated FreeFall instructor jumps. Thanks Brian!
Expect to see more of Brian at ASC helping out with the AFF ground school as well as the instruction jumps and experienced jumper/team coaching.

ASC welcomed former regular jumpers Ron and Isabelle Keele this weekend.
The couple was visiting from Austria. Ron is a former ASC tandem instructor while Isabelle was a regular fun jumper here. The couple has settled in Isabelle’s home country and jump on a 4-way formation skydiving team. Isabelle made it to jump 399 this weekend, but the couple had to leave Monday to return their RV and head to the airport.

Ron made the ASC Pond Wall of Fame on Sunday with a spectacular crash/splashdown on his third pond swoop of the day. Blythe Jordan got the whole crash on her digital camera and printed out a new photo hanging by the manifest window of Ron upside down under his main canopy. Ron aired out his reserve, Cypres and container Sunday night and everything was inspected/repacked at Chuting Star the next morning before the couple headed home to Austria. Come back and visit us soon!

Keep informed about any late-breaking news on upcoming events at Atlanta Skydiving Center in our Skydiver Forums. Balloon Jumps are planned for next week!

See you all for $15 Lift Ticket Wednesday as well as a packed weekend of events at ASC this Saturday and Sunday!

Veiw Weekend Pics Here



Atlanta Skydiving Center

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
7 days per week 365 days per year.
Call us at 770-684-DIVE (3483) or 1-800-607-JUMP (5867) today!

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