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Atlanta Skydiving Center Canopy School Hits Full Flight

It's time to fine-tune those canopy flight skills as the thermals of summer roll in to Georgia. Instructor and professional canopy swooper Chuck Owen (pictured right) is now running Atlanta Skydiving Center's canopy flight school thanks to the numerous requests from our recently graduated students as well as experienced skydivers wanting to take their canopy flight to the next level.

Linda Chipko and William Fleming were the first two students to take the course last week and both saw dramatic improvements after the ground school and videotaped/debriefed landings. So see Chuck and sign up for the canopy flight school today!

The canopy flight school offers basic and advanced canopy coaching as well as choreographed high altitude hop and pop training. The canopy coaching is available for individuals during the week and is run with a minimum of three skydivers on the weekends. Initial training for includes a ground school and four videotaped/debriefed landings. See the ASC Skydiver Forums for more info.

Four Atlanta Skydiving Center jumpers hit milestone jump numbers on the same skydive last week. Congratulations to Ben Blake, Michael Blankinship, Paul Fritz and Nick Carter who hit jump numbers 900, 800, 100 and 100, respectively. The group put together a hybrid skydive (belly and head-down flying) to celebrate. Nice job! And later that night, Nick Carter completed his USPA B License requirements by passing his live water training under the supervision of instructor Mike Gruwell at the Cedartown Holiday Inn Express. Beer.Guinness Beer, Nick!

The instructors at ASC would like to congratulate a few recent Accelerated Free Fall graduates. Eduardo Daher, Jamey Stolp, Kyle Barrow and Jonathan Strohm all passed their level 7 skydives and are now working on their USPA A licenses. Woohoo! Way to go!

We had a great turnout for the wingsuit instruction at ASC with Baxter Gillespie. Experienced jumpers were able to try out the latest suits from Phoenix-Fly with the help of Baxter's instruction. We hope to have Baxter out for more wingsuit instruction and demos soon.

Four skydivers participated in the USPA Coach Rating Course last weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center under coach director Mark Kalupa. Weather put a damper on finishing all of the required jumps, but the jumpers should finish up their evaluation jumps soon. Scott Shell completed the entire course by Monday and keep watch for future coaches Laura O'Dowd, Doug Lewis and Brian Ward. Meanwhile, Thad Rice passed the final portion of his coach course from last month with two successful air evaluation jumps with Mike to the G. Nice job Thad!

A group of Atlanta Skydiving Center staff members are jumping into Meadow Lake Golf Course in Cedartown on Tuesday, August 16 to kick-off a charity golf tournament. Money is being raised to benefit homeless animals and the good deeds of The Lucky Ranch Animal Sanctuary. The jumpers will play "Skydiver Bingo" as they attempt to land on different parts of a grid on one of the fairways after swooping a pond hazard.

See you all for $15 Lift Ticket Wednesdays all year long at Atlanta Skydiving Center! Check out the ASC Calendar of Events for upcoming boogies and specials.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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