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CASA Boogie this Weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center

The CASA is in town this weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center for the first tailgate aircraft boogie of the year! Come run out of the back of the CASA!

Team One will be organizing freefly jumps all weekend long while Scotty Carbone will be organizing belly dives. There is a $15 registration fee for the boogie. Scotty and Tami Carbone returned for the summer a few weeks ago and the Cut-Away Café is open for business! There will be a free dinner for all boogie participants Saturday night at ASC courtesy of the drop zone management and the Cut-Away Café. Woohoo!

Congratulations to Adam Durbiano and Katie Hawkins who both celebrated their 1000th jump in a tandem formation skydive last week. Adam took his mom on a tandem (pictured right) for a jump while Katie helped build a round with the tandem pair along with several other experienced jumpers. Nice job you two!

Racecar driver and skydiver Gunnar Jeannette (pictured below left) succeeded in asphyxiating himself with a plastic bag on Saturday morning in the main packing hangar. The bored skydiver trick video is available from Jessica Edgeington.

A big thanks to Ashley McDowell and Jesse Watson who have steadily increased the size of the landing area at Atlanta Skydiving Center. The two have been clearing the large weeded area east of the landing area with the tractor as well as picking up rocks by hand. Thank you! Another recent improvement to ASC is the building, patio and deck pressure-washed by EdValdo Cruz. He also stained the deck and benches, which are looking great!

Long-time Atlanta Skydiving Center freeflier, swooper and instructor Bryan "Ankles" McGuigan (pictured below right) was remembered Saturday as friends and family from as far away as Canada visited to share stories about our friend.

Bryan's wife, Vickie, brought out all of his pairs of Converse "Chuck Taylor" shoes for the skydivers to wear throughout the day and then keep. Vickie brought video and photos with the written comments on the pictures by Bryan a hilarious insight into his character.

SunMan, Tyler Lawson and Dan McAllister are compiling some of the skydiving footage of Bryan's jumps over the last few years. Part of that memorial video was shown over the weekend. More footage is being added this week and will be available this upcoming weekend.

Part of Bryan's ashes was released by Brian Ward under canopy after a hop and pop from 6000 feet. Friends and family could see the ash release from the ground and three cameramen caught the release in the air. The jumpers, family and friends gathered for pictures in the landing area after the jump (pictured left). Skydiving Preacher Jimmy Teeple talked about Bryan's life before the jump. A stone in memory of Bryan was placed in the northwest area of the landing area by the trees on Saturday. A freefall dive to release the remainder of Bryan's ashes is planned for this Saturday about an hour before sunset.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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