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Cedartown to host skydiving event

The Georgia Skydiving League is coming to the Atlanta Skydiving Center, located at the Cedartown's Cornelius Moore Airport on June 9th for the third season meet of the Georgia Skydiving league. Teams will be competing for points within the league as well as a chance to attend the NSL Championships 2001. The Georgia Skydiving League will hold five competitions this year. Competition will begin at 9 a.m. and spectators are invited tot he free event. There is an indoor and ouotdoor viewing area plus a picnic section. The 4-person formation skydiving teams will exit the plane at 10,500 feet and perform a series of pre-selected maneuvers within 35 seconds to earn points. At about 4,000 feet, the team members willseparate and open their parachutes. A videographer will record the jump from above the team. As soon as the videographer lands, the tape will be turned over to the judge. The public can view the jumps on the drop zone televisions. Kyle Collins, a member of the Florida team DeLand PD Blue, is the meet director and judge. PD Blue originally formed when the jumpers in collegiate competition while they were attending Georgia Tech. The team has been the national Skydiving Champion for the past three years and won the bronze medal at the 1998 and 2000 U.S. National Championship and placed third at the 2000 World Open. The Georgia Skydiving League has been a part of the National Skydiving League since 1998. This year, the National League includes 18 leagues that will hold over 90 regional competitions invfolving 2000 teams. The competition season culminates with the 2001 NSL Americas Cup playoffs and the NSL Championship that will follow the regular season. Cedartown will also host another event August 18th.



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May 29, 2001

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