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Fast Eddie hits 6500 jumps!

Fast Eddie Grantland made his 6500th jump on Saturday! Eddie made the milestone jump during a tandem skydive over Atlanta Skydiving Center. Fast Eddie has been busy over the last few weeks with tandem and AFF instruction as well as helping a recent group of experienced skydivers attain their USPA coach rating. And if you haven't seen Eddie's new hangout, check out his decked out, custom trailer behind the main hanger at's quite the piece of work thanks to the hard work of Russell Hayslett and Eddie.

What an absolutely beautiful week in Cedartown. We had several days of calm winds and spring temperatures. We flew 56 Super Twin Otter loads for the week...oh, yeah!

Republican Sen. Hank Erwin made his AFF Level I jump on Monday. His instructors said he is now ready for level II! The Alabama senator says he plans on making one jump a month to complete his student progression.

Congrats to Scott Posey who finished up his A License requirements at Atlanta Skydiving Center on Tuesday. Nice job completing the final air and ground requirements along with the check out dive and quiz. Now onto the B license...

The turnout for Thursday morning's Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting was the best ever...14 of us crazy morning canopy pilots! Jim Vance gets the most improved award with his 3 pond swoops...and actually touching water...he can do it! Stewart Cavanaugh has even started swooping as well! We're on again for this Thursday, 8 a.m. See you then!

More beer should be on the way thanks to AFF graduate Lachlan Keith who completed his 7th level on Sunday. Lachlan and girlfriend Michelle Russell were matching each other level for level until Saturday. We're looking forward to seeing Michelle back in the air soon to complete the student jumps and catch back up with Lachlan!

ASC jumpers and staff headed over to Ben's house on Saturday night to celebrate his birthday. It was one heck of a party...hope you didn't miss it!

The Pink Mafia has a new member as Sheena Brunner completed her initiation jump on Sunday with Tami Carbone and Cheryl Johnson! Her PMS number is on the way.

Kevin Kaminski, under the supervision of rigger Mike Gruwell, registered another save this weekend as he cutaway from tension knots and deployed the reserve on his week-old Sigma. Nice pack job Kevin!

And finally a big thanks to Team Flatline for organizing tracking dives on Mother's Day Sunday! Everyone had a great time tracking and freeflying before the rain cut our skydiving short on Sunday.

Come jump at ASC today! See you soon.

Here comes trouble!


Saturday, October 22, 2005

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