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Three Students Graduate From AFF Skydiving Program Sunday

It was one heck of an exciting and busy week at Atlanta Skydiving Center capped off with Natalie Creamer graduating the AFF student skydiving program on Sunday's sunset load. Natalie was the third student to graduate that day! Natalie's boyfriend, Brian Lancaster, graduated just one load earlier along with Nick Carter. Nick finished the entire program in two days as he took the first-jump course Saturday morning and completed three levels the same day. His final four levels were completed on Sunday...and then he ordered his custom Mirage and Sabre2. Welcome to the world of skydiving!

Earlier in the week, Deanna Fambro (our newest manifestor) and Paul Fritz completed the AFF program as well! Congratulations to all 5 of our new skydivers who now are all working toward their USPA A License...and
looking forward to jumping the CASA this Labor Day Weekend!

The CASA will be in town Friday through Sunday at ASC. Come jump the tailgate! It is the last CASA boogie of the year in Atlanta. The $15 registration fee includes a free dinner Sunday night as well as RW and freefly organizing throughout the weekend. Come run out of the back of the CASA all weekend long!

ASC Instructor Stewart Cavanaugh hit a big milestone on Friday: 8000 jumps! Stewart celebrated the achievement with an 8-way dive. Stewart took up girlfriend Blythe Jordan on a tandem as 6 jumpers built a stairstep formation off his legs. Jim Vance was there to video and it came off perfectly. Congrats Stewart...more beer please!

Skydiver Maria Funari can also add to ASC's bounty of beer as she completed her A License requirements last week with the help of Chuck Owen and Blythe Jordan. At the same time she ordered a complete rig and is now (im)patiently waiting to jump her custom Mirage rig! :-)

ASC 4-way teams Kinesis and Inviscid were out training all weekend as the last Georgia Skydiving League meet of the season is soon approaching. The final GSL meet is set for Sept. 11-12 at ASC. Even though it is the last meet, new teams are encouraged. All you need is an A License and three other skydivers to jump with all day. See the ASC forums for more information on the GSL. Local skydivers Doug Glover, Allison Yasitis, Anthony Stone and Mike Gruwell can help you put a team together for the meet...just ask about it at the DZ.

TJ Landgren had three skydivers in his canopy control seminar on Saturday morning. The jumpers all improved their canopy knowledge and landing skills under his broken wing. :-) TJ also brought out numerous Precision canopies to demo. Skydivers took TJ up on the offer to try out the Fusion, Nitron, Xaos21 and Xaos27 canopies. Thanks TJ!

4-way competitor Nelson Santini made a visit to ASC over the weekend. Nelson is a member of team Intrepid and was hurt recently during a competition. He is doing a lot better and wanted to pass along his gratitude for the care and concern during his injury and recovery. Good to see you around Nelson!

Adam Harris brought his mother out for a tandem over the weekend to show her why he is out skydiving every chance he can get! And local jumpers celebrated Conner's third birthday with his skydiving/swooping mom, Katie Hawkins, this week. Conner's first skydive is only 13 years away...

ASC swooper and freeflier Tyler Lawson was in Florida this past weekend competing at a Florida swooping meet while the pond at Atlanta Skydiving Center sucked a few into its depths this weekend. Mike Gruwell, Chuck Owen and Kenny Pugh all got soaked on Saturday's sunset load.

And finally, skydiver Jack Barnes came out Sunday to make a few jumps and reported he had skydived in his 45th state recently: New Mexico. Jack is getting closer to jumping in all 50 states! And while on his trip in New Mexico, Jack ran into two local skydivers in the area on business. Jack saw former Mr. Pink member Jonathan Perl at a gas station as well as a former ASC AFF graduate at a restaurant. ASC skydivers are everywhere!!!

See you all Wednesday for $15 lift tickets and Thursday for the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting at 8 a.m. And then the CASA flies in on

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Monday, September 13, 2004

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