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Atlanta Skydiving Center Plans Halloween Night Jumps to Honor Nate Gilbert

With the full moon on its way Halloween weekend, Atlanta Skydiving Center jumpers have expressed interest in making night jumps to remember Nate Gilbert. Those interested in making night jumps the last week or weekend of October should sign up at the drop zone. More information on the night jumps can be found on the Atlanta Skydiving Center Skydiver Forums.

Nate organized all of Atlanta Skydiving Center's night jumps over the past few years and we have yet to make night jumps since his accident. Atlanta Skydiving Center jumper Ron Stamey says its time to remember Nate for all his help in getting new jumpers into the night air on a regular basis.

Cindi Norris earned her A License this past weekend. Norris, who lives in Missouri, made several jumps at Atlanta Skydiving Center during her AFF training. She returned on Friday with more than 60 jumps and got to work on learning to pack under Laura O'Dowd. On Saturday, she made three jumps with Mike Gruwell and completed all of her A License requirements! Nice job Cindi! She celebrated by ordering a new Mirage, PD reserve and main canopy. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

made 19 training jumps this weekend as the team had its last tune-up prior to the U.S. Nationals. Jim Vance reported the team of Allison Yasitis, Brian Timberlake, Alex Jordaan and Craig Sellars with Randy Cooke on video, had a 29-point skydive to finish Sunday! Atlanta Skydiving Center teams Inviscid and 5-Minute Call will be competing at Nationals in Perris Valley next week. Information on their progress will be posted on the ASC Skydiver Forums.

ASC skydiver/race car driver Gunnar Jeannette placed 13th in his division at the Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta this past weekend. The ASC crew had the TV tuned to the Speed channel to watch Gunnar race on Saturday in-between jumps. A blown tire slowed Gunnar down early in the race. Many of the ASC staff made a trip to Road Atlanta to watch Gunnar train last week...very cool stuff! Gunnar will be racing close to our sister drop zone in Pell City at the Barber Motorsports Park Oct. 6-10 just east of Birmingham. Go check Gunnar out if you get a chance!

Bob Seaman was able to jump his brand new Mirage with his spanking-new Bev Suit on Sunday. Beer! Meanwhile, Blythe Jordan (under the supervision of Mike Gruwell) registered her first save on Sunday as instructor Chuck Owen had a beautiful deployment of his reserve canopy. Nice job Blythe!

It looks like Hurricane Jeanne will be short-lived in the Atlanta area,so come jump on $15 Wednesday at Atlanta Skydiving Center out of the Super Twin Otter...and don't forget about the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting on Thursday morning. Last Thursday we made our first jump at sunrise!

And keep Oct. 23 and 24 marked as an Atlanta Skydiving Center jumping weekend, as it will be $12.50 lift tickets on Saturday and Sunday out of the Twin Otter. TJ Landgren will be coaching and organizing along with Mike Gruwell. PD Demos will be available and it looks like Tyler Lawson will be putting on a swoop competition. Oh yeah, baby...ASC is where it's at!



Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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