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Thanksgiving Dinner for Skydivers at Ben and Tammy’s!

Local “skydiving orphans” are invited to Ben and Tammy’s abode for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday night. For details, see the Thanksgiving Dinner post under DZ Announcements and Events of the Atlanta Skydiving Center forums. You can also call the Atlanta Skydiving Center manifest office at 678-747-1014.

The Super Twin Otter flew competitors last weekend in Florida for SkyQuest. Congratulations to Atlanta Skydiving Center 4-way team GT Airlock! They finished in 1st place in the “A Division” of the National Skydiving League Championships. Yeah! Nice job Adam, Nate, Shane and Omar!

Also competing at SkyQuest were Tyler and Chuck. The two Atlanta Skydiving Center jumpers competed in the swoop competition. They both put on a good show as Tyler finished 15th and Chuck finished 21st. ASC Tandem Instructor Justin Thorton finished 14th. Nice job guys!

Thankfully, the weekend weather forecast was half-wrong, as the gloom and doom of rain held off for part of the weekend. The rain stayed away and the clouds held steady at about 15,000 feet allowing a full day of skydiving Saturday at Atlanta Skydiving Center out of the King Air that was visiting from Skydive Pennridge.

A collegiate 4-way team headed up by Brian and Allison of Inviscid were out training as the now older and familiar face of Jeffery Mullins was back in town. Jeffery, his dad and his brothers spent a season at Atlanta Skydiving Center a few years ago when Mike Mullins had his Super King Air based out of the ASC drop zone. Jeffery, now at the age of 18, has his AFF rating and was having a good challenge with the 4-way team that will be competing at the Collegiate Nationals later this year.

A group of tandem students from Tennessee showed up with matching T-shirts to commemorate their first skydives. The T-shirts stated “Skydiving Crew 2004” on the front and SDFF (Skydiving Friends Forever) with all of their names listed on the sleeve. The new skydivers had a great time and should be back for more jumps soon!

Sheena was out this weekend… but she is much closer to getting back in the air. Woohoo!

It was a busy week for our Accelerated Freefall Instructors as several students graduated the AFF student skydiving program. Congratulations to Gary Holt, Jeshua Holt and Debra Boyer! You three worked hard and looked great in the air. The beer fridge is looking empty, so please fill it up this week! Now they’re on to completing the USPA A License cards.

We are currently working on the 2005 events calendar for Atlanta Skydiving Center and have received numerous suggestions. Keep them coming! Be sure to check out the ongoing thread in the ASC Skydiver Forums. We plan on having the events calendar set for 2005 by our Christmas Party on December 11th. We’re having a white elephant gift exchange so plan to bring your gift. Get creative and have some fun! Please be sure to RSVP to Lisa Pugh or Mike Gruwell in plenty of time so they can arrange for scrumptious dinner.

Don’t forget we will have a 2-way belly relative work competition during the day of the Christmas Party at ASC. Tyler Lawson and Mike Gruwell will be organizing the competition open to all skydivers with an A License or higher. Details will be posted soon in the ASC Skydiver Forums. The rules will follow the USPA competition manual.

Lastly, we’ve had a lot of recent interest in a Coach Course as well as an AFF Instructor Course. See Mike Gruwell to add your name to the list of interested candidates. Mark Kalupa can hold a Coach Course in the upcoming weeks, while we can get Glenn Bangs to come up for an AFF Course in January or February of 2005. The Coach rating is a prerequisite for the AFF course, so get that completed soon!

Join the spirit of giving and remember to bring your unopened toy to Atlanta Skydiving Center and give to the unfortunate this year. Please be sure to donate by December 15th. For any questions you can contact Mike Gruwell or Lisa Pugh in manifest.

We hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The weather will be beautiful!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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