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Marine Corps Birthday Boogie this Weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center

Marines will be invading Atlanta Skydiving Center this Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the 229th Marine Corps Birthday. ASC Skydiver Richard “Lee” Wood is organizing the event that will include several “all Marine” jumps as well as a Marine cake cutting ceremony. It should be interesting to see as some of that cake will be released in a freefall jump to celebrate.

“This will be for all Marines, and also to show those who have not ever been a Marine, a little history and tradition of our Corps,” said Wood of the birthday boogie weekend. “We'll explain what we're doing during the cake cutting and I will wear my Blues. Anybody else that can still get into them, feel free to bring and wear them. After the cake cutting, there will be plenty of beer to drink … gotta show the civilians how beer is really supposed to be drank!”

Participants will receive a free boogie T-shirt that is red with the gold Eagle Globe and Anchor stating “1st Annual Marine Corps Birthday Boogie, ASC, 13-14 November 2004.” For more information, visit the ASC Skydiver Forums.

What a weekend at Atlanta Skydiving Center! The weather was absolutely beautiful! While the winds were high and gusty on Friday, we had calm winds and comfortable temperatures on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a busy day for our Accelerated FreeFall instructors as numerous students made their first AFF jump while other worked on upper levels of the program.

Seventeen skydivers entered the ASC Canopy Swoop Competition on Saturday.
ASC Instructor and videographer Jesse Watson was the champion of the four-round competition. Jesse, who has won just about every swoop competition at Atlanta Skydiving Center over the past few years took home a case of Red Bull and earned five free hop and pops.

Swoop competition organizer Tyler Lawson finished second, winning a free dinner from El Nopal Restaurant and three hop and pops. Darren Doyle finished third, winning also a free dinner from El Nopal and two hop and pops. Joey “SunMan” Day finished fourth, winning a free dinner from Benny’s Lineover Lounge at ASC.

Brian Ward earned the ‘most-improved’ award as he finished 7th (which was much better than his last place finish earlier this year!). And finally for this competition, in last place was Ben Morson, who earned a free Performance Designs demo canopy for one weekend from The top female finisher was Katie Hawkins, who finished 9th and won a video jump with SunMan and three jumps with Michael Blankinship of Team One.

The local competitors raised $380 for the Atlanta Skydiving Center pond fund. The drop zone is matching the money raised so $760 will be used for Bermuda sod around the pond. ASC instructor Turner Drake will supply the sod and will donate a free pallet of sod on top of the $760 worth from competitors and the drop zone. The sod will also be used to fill in a few of the remaining dirt areas in the main landing area.

On Sunday, ASC’s 8th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ was in full effect as Atlanta radio station 96 Rock was broadcasting live from the drop zone. Pilot Mark Kalupa took up more than 30 competitors with their pumpkin of choice. A pumpkin drop run at 500 feet was given over the north side of the runway with a 96 Rock banner as the target. Updates on the competition were heard all day on the radio station. When all the pumpkins had been thrown, Callie finished on top with a pumpkin that exploded three yards from the target! Callie earned $300 for her 1st place pumpkin chunk from the aircraft. Way to go Callie!

Tatyana was second at 19 yards, Tyler Lawson third at 27 yards, Berndt fourth at 36 yards, Vitaliy fifth at 41 yards, Jessica sixth at 50 yards, Katie seventh at 50 yards and Beth seventh at 50 yards. Those finishing second through seventh won music CDs and/or movie tickets. The remaining pumpkins were shot through the air or at targets with a balloon launcher at the drop zone for ‘after-jumping’ entertainment. ASC packer Ryan Clough carved one pumpkin in the shape of the Chuting Star Rigging Loft logo.

Stay informed on the latest news and events by checking in daily on the ASC Skydiver Forums. Late-breaking news will be posted there as well as just general skydiving talk and info.

Don’t forget the Breakfast Club of Canopy Piloting on Thursdays. We will be flying at 8 a.m. Don’t forget, Atlanta Skydiving Center is still home of the $15 Lift Ticket Wednesdays.

See you all in the crisp winter air soon!


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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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