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Atlanta Skydiving Center Skydiving News

Michigan skydivers visit for "Have a Good Jump" Boogie

Ian Gilbert (pictured right) and Katie Hawkins organized a sunset tracking dive at Atlanta Skydiving Center just before the weekend-ending storm rolled in Saturday night. The dive was part of the Nate Gilbert "Have a Good Jump" Boogie celebration, which drew numerous skydivers from Nate's hometown in Michigan.

A big thanks to Sporto, Marshall, Ian, Katie and Vitaliy for organizing freefly, RW and tracking dives throughout the weeklong boogie at ASC. Jumpers took advantage of the $12.50 lift tickets and free organizing Monday through Sunday. The Gilbert family provided a free dinner for boogie-goers Saturday night at El Nopal. Thank you! We look forward to an even better, bigger and sunnier "Have a Good Jump" Boogie next year!

Congratulations to our newest Pink Mafia Sisters at Atlanta Skydiving Center. Callie, Samantha and Linda all earned their PMS numbers with the Barbie doll pass dive with Tammy Carbone. Nice job girls! Linda also finished her USPA A License requirements under the supervision of Tammy. Way to go!

ASC welcomes our newest manifest chicks to the drop zone. Callie, Jackie and Crystal will all be helping out more over the coming months at the ASC skydiver manifest office.

Crystal is now a "Bumpy Brother" after making her Rodriguez Brother Jump. Woohoo!

We have several recent graduates of Atlanta Skydiving Center's Accelerated Free Fall program. Kenny Hogan, Jon Hogan, Richard Sloan and Jeff McPhale all have cleared the student program and are working on their A license requirements so the rest of us can jump with them! Beer please! Jon is heading overseas to serve with the military and will return to ASC when his deployment is complete.

Happy Birthday to staff members Adam Durbiano (pictured left) and Mike Gruwell, who celebrated their shared birthday July 9, although Adam was born in 1981 and Mike 1971. It was also Mike's 10-year anniversary in the sport.

Adam showed off his custom Micro Sigma rig last week. The new rig has the latest safety features for tandem skydiving and fits the latest tandem main and reserve.

We have two new skydivers-to-be in our midst as Nathan Michael and James Clinton were born to Mike and Stephanie Gruwell on June 23. The twin boys weighed 5 pounds 13 ounces and 6 pounds, respectively. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing the boys packing and skydiving soon.

See you all for $15 Wednesdays at ASC and don't forget to check out our calendar of events for upcoming boogies. Our next boogie is July 30 and 31: Cool Chicks Boogie! Freefly organizing and coaching by Katie Hawkins and Jessica Edgeington. Relative work organizing and coaching with Allison Yasitis. $15 lift tickets all weekend for any skydiving chick!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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