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Atlanta Skydiving
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Atlanta Skydiving Center Skydiving News

Time Change Sunday Morning Brings Later Sunset and More Skydiving

The longer summer days of skydiving at Atlanta Skydiving Center are back! Our hours of daily skydiving time are set to sharply increase Sunday when we all move our clocks ahead one hour that morning. Sunset automatically shifts an hour later so all of us should be able to get in at least two extra jumps. Woohoo!

Congratulations to Matthew Dresner who graduated the Accelerated Free Fall student program at Atlanta Skydiving Center this past week. After taking a month off, Matthew completed his levels 6 and 7. It's great to have you back and we're looking forward to helping you with the A License requirements! Oh, and don't forget that case of beer for the AFF instructors!!!

Make sure to check out our updated calendar of events for Atlanta Skydiving Center as we've added a freefly team training weekend April 9 and 10. Freeflier Kenny Pugh (pictured left) will host the training weekend for all freefly teams looking for coaching and outside video to increase their overall skill level. See Kenny at the drop zone for more information.

Our Atlanta Skydiving Center 4-way teams completed the first meet of the Georgia Skydiving League last week and made a great showing! Inviscid took first in the open class followed by PNF, who placed second. Inviscid trains at ASC just about every weekend, while PNF is a pickup team of local 4-way jumpers, including ASC staff member Mike Gruwell (pictured right). ASC 4-way team Airlock completed the meet in its own division as the team readies itself for the U.S. Nationals. Last Minute, a new team of Atlanta Skydiving Center jumpers, finished second in the intermediate division. Nice job everyone!

A big thanks to Team One who put on one heck of a "Good Vibes" boogie at Atlanta Skydiving Center last week. The skydives, after-hours entertainment and party were not to be missed! SunMan, Michael B. and Ron came through with the Team One tube, tons of spectacular skydives, the Sumo wrestling suits and plenty of drinks for everyone. A boogie video is in the dubbing and editing process and will be available shortly. Can't wait 'till next year when a mechanical bull is being promised! Feel the Vibe!

On Saturday morning, Tyler Lawson's 4-round swoop competition came off without a hitch for our up and coming swoopers. SunMan stole the show and first place. Meanwhile, our ASC swooping team will compete in the first professional swoop meet of the season. Results will be posted next week.
See you all this week! Come jump!!!


Atlanta Skydiving Center

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Atlanta Skydiving Center flies turbine aircraft,
7 days per week 365 days per year.
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