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Atlanta Skydiving
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Atlanta Skydiving Center Skydiving News

Atlanta Skydiving Center Wingsuit Instruction

Want to learn how to fly a wingsuit? Come take Baxter Gillespie's wingsuit class on Sunday and demo the latest Phoenix-Fly suits at Atlanta Skydiving Center. The wingsuit instruction is open to skydivers with a minimum of 200 jumps. For more information, see the ASC Skydiver Forums.

A two-fold celebration is in order for Atlanta Skydiving Center Instructor Johan Meurer who made his 8000th skydive on Sunday, followed by the birth of his son Connor Timothy on Monday! Johan made a tandem skydive with a close friend to celebrate his 8000th jump. Connor was born Monday at Northside Hospital and weighed just over 8 pounds and was 21 inches long. Nice job Johan!

ASC jumpers Autumn Simerson and Benny Morson celebrated their 300th and 400th jump, respectively, with a combined tracking dive with friends on Monday afternoon.

4-way teams GT Airlock and Inviscid were training at ASC this weekend for an upcoming Georgia Skydiving League meet. It was the first training session for Airlock since member Shane Migliore was married. Atlanta Skydiving Center will host the final GSL meet of the season inconjunction with the National Skydiving League Playoffs Aug. 20-21.

Sandy Harris made her first jump on her new black and purple Aerodyne Icon container on Sunday (Beer!). is a distributor for Aerodyne and local skydivers should begin seeing more of those containers around the drop zone soon.

We have a new experienced skydiver in our midst as Carlos Escalera graduated the student Accelerated Free Fall program at ASC on Sunday. Carlos completed the entire 7 Level program in a week. Nice!

Canopy swoopers Tyler Lawson and Kenny Pugh headed to Spain on Monday for a competition. The two instructors will represent Atlanta Skydiving Center at the canopy swooping meet.

The ASC night out this week is Thursday at 8 p.m. at Paulding Lanes in Hiram. See you all for food, drinks and bowling!

Don't forget $15 Lift Ticket Wednesdays at ASC as well as the upcoming "Cool Chicks Boogie" at the end of the month! See the ASC Calendar of Events for more information.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


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